HGTV and Spontaneity

I love spontaneity. However, it's become harder and harder to actually live in that reality. I say I love spontaneity, but then people say, "Come over! I'm lighting a bonfire and there are marshmallows involved!" And I respond with, "Oh! Nice! Definitely next time!" because I am either three blankets deep on the couch watching … Continue reading HGTV and Spontaneity


I Will Pull Out Your Guts.

As the self-proclaimed Fall Hipster, (I loved fall before it was cool, JUST TRUST ME) it is imperative I take part in a handful of distinctively autumn experiences every year. When these experiences have been completed, I reach optimal happiness and can then and only then move along to the joys of Christmas. What are … Continue reading I Will Pull Out Your Guts.

3 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Graduating

Caps and gowns are covering my newsfeed. Everyone is smiling and hugging and talking about next steps. Also, do caps and gowns make people more beautiful? Everyone is somehow radiant and totally working that shapeless drape. So I promise this isn't some bitter post about, “Oh man, you don’t even know what’s coming hardyharhar.” Adulthood … Continue reading 3 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Graduating